Does every drum have a heart or does every heart have a drum?

We at The DrumCo drum because we are HAPPY !! We drum when we are stressed, we drum when we get together and we also drum when we're looking for inspiration... 


The DrumCo

Hand Drums for All


Our Djembe Drums are awesome because they are:

Listen to our drums 

Drummers play our drums because they want to play the best sounding drums they can.

We are incredibly proud of our artist roster, which consists of some truly remarkable musicians, from Amit Kilam and Tuheen Chakravorty of Indian Ocean, Viveick Rajagopalan, Karthik Mani to Jonqui and Varun Sunil.

  • DURABLE – Our Drums are made out of both fibre and wood material.

  • RELIABLE – Our Djembes don't need you to go over complicated issues of tuning and storing. We offer low cost repairs in case of any damage during a drum circle.

  • VERSATILE  - Need a stronger bass note? Need a higher pitched slap? These Djembes can be tuned in minutes to suit EVERY musical situation - both professional and recreational. Think of the possibilities!

  • GUARANTEED QUALITY – The djembes that we use are tuned to perfection.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – You no longer have to worry about heavy and cumbersome drums. Our light-weight Djembes will serve you well for a very very very very long time!

Have an event coming up? Or a performance that requires Djembes urgently?

Don't you worry. The DrumCo is the best place in India