The DrumCo

Hand Drums for All

Q. Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we definitely do. You can buy the products online or can write to us in case of any specific location queries.

Q. Do you teach how to play Djembe?

Yes, we actually do. We are linked with the people who have revolutionized group drumming in India - Taal Inc and with their support we offer end-to-end solutions for learning, community building, corporate training and overall well-being. 

how are we different ?

The DrumCo drums are as vibrant and loud as they are soft and calm.

Our drums are fibre based as well as wooden ones and hence, are durable, lightweight, easy to tune, weather-proof, strong, versatile and colourful! 


Our dream : Enough drums for every drum circle.

Our Drums are for ALL ! We wish to provide our drums for every drum circle or a performance; an instrument that is enshrined in the very fabric of our everyday life; constantly reminding us of our connection to joy, expression and freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions...

who are we?


The DrumCo, is a one-stop-shop for renting fun percussion instruments for everyone.

Currently, we offer rental of djembes as well as other repair based services.