The DrumCo

Hand Drums for All

 TRAINER / TEACHER / Percussionist 

Drum Circle Facilitators

Are you are a teacher and want to use drums as an aid for your students?

Are you a percussionist and want a kick-ass, lightweight Djembe for your performance?

Or a corporate trainer or life coach and want to use a unique music based activity?

DrumCo offers customized rental service to suit you. We may not be the best pizza delivery service in the world but we know that one-size-DOES NOT- fit-all. So we design a rental plan based on your needs.


The DrumCo rents out drums too...

If you are a drum circle facilitator, you will be thrilled to know that we provide end-to-end services for our rentals.

The DrumCo not only rents out Djembes but also delivers, helps you distribute and collects them back.

We will also throw in a few tambourines and lots of Positive Energy !

Now, isn't this an offer you can't refuse?

You will not find our awesome Djembes in stores     ( Yet ! )

So if you have customers that come to you for rentals and you have to drive them away, please drive them to US... We will be grateful to you FOREVER.